"Going Green”, Hotel Facts:

Hotels and Restaurants purchase a variety of products and services that affect the environment.
The average hotel purchases more products in one week than 100 families will typically purchase in a year.
Green rooms are seen as cleaner, healthier and attract repeat clientele.
Reducing waste and saving energy can save money in waste disposal and energy costs by reducing the price of disposing contaminated containers and unused products and treating waste water.
Using less toxic products reduces potential employee hazards, hotel liability and environmental impact.

Researchers tested 162 surfaces in nine hotel rooms and found that surfaces such as door handles, showers and carpets are mostly clean, objects such as light switches, remotes, bathroom sinks and telephone keypads had high levels of bacteria. The worst offenders were mops, sponges and gloves on the housekeepers' cleaning cart.

GreenErect's BioClean solution provides eco-friendly cleaning plus the after-cleaning effects providing a deep cleaning effect.



  • All House Keeping Applications
  • All Kitchen Applications
  • Grease Traps & blocked pipes
  • Drain maintenance and odour control
  • Disinfection
  • Laundry
  • Insect & Bug control
  • Sewage treatment ( STP) – Odour free recycled water
  • Swimming pool & water bodies– replaces Chlorine
  • Cooling Towers – Legionella treatment

What makes BioCLEAN so new and different?

Bio Clean is a program to bio clean – “A Complete Facility” with Completely Natural & Eco-Friendly products that are completely biodegradable resulting in zero Impact on environment human health.

Bio Clean helps with reduction in use of chemicals, provides chemical free better cleaning performance and helps reduce operational costs while becoming more socially responsible. Let’s make our planet – Earth a far better place for us to live in.

  • It is organic and completely biodegradable
  • It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-flammable
  • It is safer for the environment and safer for human health than traditional chemical cleaners and odour control products.
  • It uses highly specialized enzymes to eliminate and control odours by eliminating  the soils  that traditional chemical products alone cannot treat.
  • It helps to displace unknown, potentially “pathogenic” (disease causing) bacteria with known, healthy  microorganisms and in this way contribute to better human health.
  • Reduces BOD and COD levels in waste water.
  • Two products used for multiple applications.