Food processing

Green Erect provides eco friendly solutions for cleaning, degreasing, odour control, insect / bug control, disinfection and sanitisation.

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Plant cleanliness and food safety are paramount in food processing operations. Green Erect is a leader in GREEN CLEANING & SANITISATION. Our BioCLEAN solutions are non-toxic, organic and we deliver DEEP cleaning solutions that are safe and efficient, helping to maintain germ-free environments for continuous manufacturing with minimal production downtime.

Our BioCLEAN solutions are formulated to clean all types of processing equipment and facility maintenance including CIP and COP operations. We REPLACE traditional alkalis, acids, chlorinated, high foam and low foam cleaners & degreasers  with organic enzymatic probiotic products. Our disinfectants provide effectiveness against a wide variety of germs and pathogens.

Our BioCLEAN program keep food plants sanitary, safe and secure. More importantantly our BioCLEAN program leaves no residue hence keeping processed food chemical free!


  • General cleaning & degreasing
  • Process Water
  • Surface & Air Disinfection
  • Plant & Machinery  Disinfection
  • Resin and Filter Disinfection
  • Storage Tank Disinfection
  • Air conditioning Systems & Ducts / Cooling towers
  • Insects & Bug control

Benefits include:

  • Non- residual
  • Environment friendly
  • Deep cleaning and more sanitary environment
  • Increased operational productivity
  • Bulk packaging and delivery options
  • Training Programs - Road map to help organisations become environment compliant
  • Safer chemistry and environment for employees
  • Waste water is not loaded with COD/BOD


                                                 CLEAN-IN-PLACE ( CIP) PROCESS IN PROGRESS





                                                                 CLEANING TEST RESULTS - BIOZYM

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