Bio-Cleaning is DEEP CLEANING using natural, eco-friendly enzymes and biodegradable disinfectants.

BioClean facilitates a NON TOXIC, NON HAZARDOUS, CLEAN, SAFE and HEALTHY work environment.

The Bio-Cleaning process :

• Uses organic, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous and non-flammable products

• Is safer for the environment and human health as compared to processes using traditional chemical cleaning and odour control products

• Uses highly specialized enzymes to eliminate and control odours by eliminating the soils that traditional chemical products alone cannot treat

• Helps to displace unknown, potentially “pathogenic” (disease causing) bacteria with known healthy micro-organisms

• Reduces Bio chemical oxygen demand (BOD) and Chemical oxygen demand (COD) levels in waste water treatment

Cleaning, Degreasing, Odour control, Insect/Bug control and Disinfection are the building blocks of BioClean.