We offer 360 degree disinfection – SURFACE, AIR & WATER

Contaminated foods are a regular news item over the years. As regular as clockwork we read about food poisoning caused by scary sounding micro-organisms. Generally people recover after several days, yet in the worst case people do actually die.

The main problem: PROCESS WATER

Whether Process Water is supplied from mains supply or a bore hole, water will always carry
bacteria. The levels of bacteria increase dramatically when the water is kept in large storage tanks or used in (re-)circulating wash or process systems. Poor quality water will spread contamination throughout the system and will cause (significant) bacterial pollution of the process batch.

Water is usually the second biggest raw material used in food processing, and is of significant
importance in determining the shelf life and final quality of the food product. In spite of this, water quality is too often overlooked. Many food processing plants still use highly ineffective and or hazardous water treatments (such as chlorine, chlorine dioxide or sodium hypochlorite), when a far more effective product and environment friendly alternative is available.

This alternative, which has gained increasing acceptance over the past years, is AqBON .

We are proud to introduce - after years of research - an environment friendly disinfectant also safe to be used as a decontamination agent for water, air and surfaces and can be used safely in treatment applications:
AqBON is an effective and long lasting disinfectant based on a complex formula based on hydrogen peroxide stabilised in a specially formulated gel. The combination of the hydrogen and the stabilising and activating gel results in a safe and highly effective product with the following main properties:
•    Disinfectant capable of rapid disinfection as well as long lasting disinfection.
•    Fully breaks down into water and oxygen leaving no residues.

AqBON has been created in answer to market demand for a rapid and long lasting disinfectant, odourless, environmentally friendly & safe to use product, with a broad disinfecting capability as well as the ability to eliminate micro-organisms without the risk of the micro-organisms becoming resistant to the product. The product also needed to be able to be used in a wide range of applications in water, air and surfaces. Another advantage of AqBON is its flexibility.

AqBON is a particularly powerful (water) biocide/decontaminant, and will assist in reducing
bacterial counts throughout the plant.

AqBON has a number of advantages over chlorine or any other water treatment chemical with
the exception of ozone:

o    AqBON destroys all Bacteria, Viruses, Algae, Fungi, Amoeba and Spores.
o    No corrosion,
o    Does not form chlorinated organics.
o    Long term effectiveness
o    Highly effective against biofilm
o    Highly effective even in low concentrations.
o    Effective in a wide range of temperatures up to the boiling point.
o    Gentle to the skin.
o    Biodegradable.
o    Non-toxic.

                                           AQBON-27 TEST RESULTS FROM BUREAU VERITAS


                                          BIOZYM TEST RESULTS FROM BUREAU VERITAS