Treatment of industrial effluent is the most intricate branch of waste water engineering because versatile nature of effluent with varying quantity is generated during different processes of production of multifarious products. GreenErect is a consortium of highly qualified and experienced technical experts to deal with effluent treatment of major water intensive industries namely, Pulp & Paper, Brewery, Distillery, Food Processing, Beverage, Sugar, Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Integrated Iron and Steel, Textile, etc. Keeping pace with the developments in environmental technologies, GreenErect ventures for proven and advanced environmental technologies depending upon the need of the industries.

GreenErect provides a unique combination of environmental engineering and enzymes that are manufactured in-house for pre, primary and secondary treatment of the effluent treatment plant's (ETP's) life cycle. GreenErect has a proven and time tested solution for enhanced stabilization of ETP at its primary and secondary treatment levels with the help of balanced and controlled blend of products designed and developed exclusively for the purpose for increasing the reliability and efficiency of the ETP. A multi-enzyme concentrate with a unique formulation consisting of surfactants along with enzymes helps to improve the efficiency of the ETP by breaking down the larger organic molecules to smaller ones and thus can be easily digested by the microbes in the ETP accelerating the process of reduction of BOD, COD, TSS and TDS. 

GreenErect encourages eliminating/ reducing the process waste at source of its generation for salvage, recovery, or reuse and also segregating nonpolluting stream from polluting stream of effluent which can lower investment costs as well as operating costs for primary (Physical & Chemical), secondary (Biological – Aerobic/Anaerobic) and tertiary units of ETPs. Confident with its engineering capabilities, GreenErect designs to minimize investment and operating costs by selecting and applying the most suitable and accurate technological solutions for its customers. 

Benefits of GreenErect's ETP stabilization solutions are:

  • Increases reliability and efficiency of ETP
  • Increases stability of ETP
  • Quickly lowers BOD, COD and TSS to permissible limits
  • Ease of handling & application
  • Economical as less manpower needed.
  • Cost savings