A biofilm is a community of mixed microorganisms encased in an extracellular polymer matrix, which they produce and secrete. Bacteria living in a biofilm may behave as a unit or multicellular organism. Once formed, biofilms become continuous sources of microbial contamination as microorganism clumps or aggregates will break from the biofilm and surfaces are colonized downstream and potentially contaminate finished product.


The use of various chemicals for cleaning and sanitization of the CIP processes leave traces of the chemicals called RESIDUALS that are difficult to remove hence leaving traces in the final product being manufactured. More importantly, the effluent generated in high in COD /BOD, requires treatment that is expensive before recycling or discharge.


Our BioZYM range of products is the non-toxic and biodegradable way to clean, degrease and treat organic matter in the one application.  

Our range of BioZYM products are most effective products for the removal of dirt and grime which is basically layers of fine film composed of “substrate” such as grease, oils, fats, bacteria, germs and non-organic material and organic microorganisms. These films are bonded to each other and to the surface by amino and fatty acids (organic acids composed of proteins, fats or fatty oils). 

Chemical cleaners such as soaps and detergents emulsify the top layer of these dirt films, but may not break down the lower levels held together by amino and fatty acids. While the top layers of the films are removed, some of the lower levels are left to collect bacteria. As a result, contamination can occur, for example in vessels which store or process dairy food products, resulting in reduced quality of the product or spoilage.

BioZYM is also very good in removing odors caused by organic material, such as sweat urine, blood, food, cigarette smoke or the like. It is also very good in pipe, drain and grease trap/ interceptor cleaning and maintenance, more than paying for its use by saving in their maintenance costs.

However, some people are skeptical of such claims. How can BioZYM work simultaneously in so many ways? The answer lies in the nature of the multiple enzymes present in BioZYM. Most people are only vaguely familiar with the concept of an enzyme. Here is a short explanation of what an enzyme is, and how they work.

An enzyme is simply a protein molecule that, in the presence of other chemicals, "catalyzes" (speeds up) chemical reactions. By lowering the "activation energy" required for a reaction to take place, in many cases to millions of times lower than normal, chemical processes that would normally happen too slowly to be of value are able to take place very quickly. 

This is important for living things, including humans. Most of the chemical processes that our bodies need to survive would normally take much too long to be useful to us. It's only because of enzymes that we are able to digest our food in a matter of hours, rather than months or years. In fact, people who are lactose intolerance are actually suffering from a shortage of lactase- the enzyme that breaks down the lactose protein found in milk. Enzymes are also necessary for the chemical reaction that turns stored energy in our bodies into the muscle contractions that let us move around. Our bodies contain thousands of different kinds of enzymes, each of which influences a different chemical reaction.

"This is all fascinating", you say, "but what does this have to do with ensuring that I have a very high standard of cleaning?" The answer is that BIOZYM cleaning is a chemical process, just like digesting milk. 

Regular cleaning products such as soap and detergents are "surfactants", meaning that they allow water and oils to mix. This allows grease to dissolve into water, and wash away. Unfortunately, this is useless for removing many types of unwanted organics. Surfactant cleaners are often unable to break the chemical bonds of many organic material that contaminate surfaces. BIOZYM, on the other hand, jumpstarts the breaking down process of the chemical bonds in the contaminant. It's as if time were sped up many thousands or millions of times over for the stain or odor, causing it to degrade "naturally" in a matter of minutes. 
Apart from concerns of effectiveness, many users prefer BIOZYM because it has a positive environmental impact as compared to typical cleaning products. Conventional cleaners contain bleach, ammonia, hydrochloric acid, and other extremely toxic, corrosive chemicals. These artificially-created chemicals do not to break down on their own, and hang around in our environment long after you use them. Although they are widely sold and used, there is growing evidence that the high amounts of these chemicals have serious impacts on our health, and the quality of our water and air. There is no need to keep people away from areas that have been treated with BIOZYM, as one would with a corrosive chemical cleaner, making it safer and more convenient for its users. 

Unlike Chemical based cleaners, the enzymes in BIOZYM, on the other hand, have no notable impact on living beings and do not accumulate in our air and waterways. In fact, they help in bettering the quality of the wastewater as it help break the organic matter in the water, helping the bacteria naturally present in the water digest the organic matter. The use of chemical cleaners in Industry in fact creates a major problem with BOD and especially COD levels in waste water.