We offer a very viable proactive solution for insect and bug control that uses environmentally safe products.

One major community health issue that continues to challenge nations is the control of mosquito borne diseases such as malaria and dengue fever. GreenErect believes that far too much emphasis is placed on after-the-fact medical solutions, and not enough effort is made to disrupt and destroy the disease distribution network which is creating the problem to begin with. It’s a proven fact that the organism responsible for diseases like malaria ultimately adapt to all vaccines which are created to treat the symptoms caused by the disease. Preventative measures make more sense; and therefore, more emphasis must be placed on eradicating the carrier.  

The surface of every insect's exoskeleton is covered with a waxy, water-repellent patina known as the cuticle. This outer coating protects the insect from harm, and has long been an obstacle for pesticide's effectiveness.

BioZYM-I digests insect's waxy cuticle on contact and dismantles their exoskeleton - effectively forcing insects into immediate melting in which the protective shell is stripped.

These enzymes have an adverse effect on the mosquitoes and larvae due to their astringent nature. The wetting agents contained in BioZYM-I have a dual function, to disperse the active ingredients and at the same time, alter the water surface tension. The effect of altering the water surface tension enables water droplets containing the active ingredients to penetrate the larvae’s skin surface which removes and breaks down mucus barriers and burns their delicate membranes. It will also impact the wing and joint structures of adults, rendering them not capable of flying or standing. Upon entering the breathing holes, located on the cephalothoraxes of adult arthropods, it will dissolve and foam the waxy lining of these structures causing suffocation.

Our top of the line product BioZYM is used for insect control, flies and mosquitoes. BioZYM-I is a proprietary multi-enzyme water based concentrate made from all “plant grade” ingredients. It is non-hazardous, non-flammable, biodegradable, and non-toxic to plant and animal life forms higher than the insect. One of its primary application functions is the environmentally safe control of insect populations, making it a very viable alternative to harsh chemicals such as DDT and other chemical pesticides.

  • BioZYM-I effectively reduces insect populations due to several of the inherent properties.
  • Reduces fly population.
  • Very effective on larvae and disrupting the adult fly and mosquito’s ability to lay eggs.
  • Very effective on disrupting breeding cycles for bugs, roaches, bed bugs etc.
  • Safe for other plant and animal life forms.
  • Improves the quality of the water where insects breed, bringing additional benefits to the community.

                                                        Fly larvae being treated with BioZYM-I at a Poultry Farm