We understand the challenges of industrial odours and wastewater and the problems they can cause. With years of expertise, we have developed a number of proven environmentally friendly solutions to fix any odour problem. Whether you need Odour Control, Odour Servicing or our enzymatic dosing Systems, we have an optimum odour removal solution to suit. So if you are unsure on how to protect your community and assets from odour pollution, here is the answer.

BioZYM-O is a naturally derived odour eliminator which destroys unwanted odour the instant it is applied.

BioZYM-O eliminates odour by breaking the molecular bonds of odour-causing compounds.It has been combined with a cleaning agent and waste treatment compound so that the application of BioZYM-O treats the whole system.


  •     Industrial odour
  •     Garbage dumps / Landfills
  •     Processing waste water
  •     Effluent ponds / ETP
  •     Sewage treatment plants ( STP)
  •     Grease traps
  •     Septic systems
  •     Drainage ponds
  •     Drains
  •     Showers
  •     Toilets and urinals